Who’s that girl

Hi Guys!! Welcome to my blog! So your probably wondering..What the hell does Elysium mean? I had no idea at first either I began hearing this word a lot so I Googled and loved the meaning behind it. In Greek Mythology Elysium was any place or state of perfect happiness; Paradise. That’s what I want. To find a place in my life where I can say that I am at peace with everything around me, and I’ve found complete bliss. Don’t we all? Don’t we want to find true happiness?

I’m so excited and grateful that you took the time to look at my life and read whats on my mine! My name is Amanda and I am a senior at Rutgers University. I come from a small town where everyone literally knows EVERYONE. So making the big move alone, was a huge adjustment! . The social shock of coming to a University of over 50,000 students was definitely a HUGE shock! My major is Communication with a focus on Public Relations. My Dream? Well, that seems to change everyday and I’m taking the journey to figuring out my passion and what I want for my life! I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and believed in one true love (yes I’m that girl!) and that goes with anything in my life.

I’m exciting for what is still to come within the next year and hope I can share some of my experiences with you all!  I am about to turn the BIG 21 soon and to be honest I’m a lil scared!  I enjoying working out (sometimes) and cooking (all times!). I speak my mind and am very outgoing! Follow my pages on the Contact me Tab! If you have any question for me feel free to post any!

Lots of Love




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