I worry but you don’t have to!


So this is a really hard topic for me to talk about, it’s an issue that I’ve dealt with my whole life but have just recently realized how much it affects my life. ANXIETY!

No one really understands it when I try to talk about it. Yup. Sounds simple right? No big deal? A lil is healthy even okay I guess you could say. It’s what makes us human.

When I start explaining it to people I always get the same response, “You are just worrying to much, you need to learn to not care so much”. I than started thinking that there was something really wrong with me, I even became depressed. When I was younger I was so carefree, and really social! Then more years pasted and I began noticing a change. At first it was small things like being around to many people, I would feel uncomfortable, than it had to do with worrying about grades. Now, its natural you worry about if you passed a test or did well on a paper, but I would not be able to sleep, I would get sick to my stomach. People around me began telling me that I was becoming to “emotional”. I became so angry all the time. For a while I remember nights when I couldn’t sleep because of a pain I had in my chest, I even went to the hospital and no one could tell me what was wrong. Soon after, nightmares started. I would have the most horrific and scary dreams. I didn’t understand what was going on! The breaking point was when I fainted. The WEIRDEST experience of my life, in a second I felt like I was going to throw up and boom PAVEMENT. I realized I had let my anxiety take control of me. I started doing research and made some doctor visits, and realized I had Chronic Anxiety. I’m worried all the time, I can never sleep because I always have something on my mind, I make simple things into HUGE problems, I can’t eat right. The feeling in my stomach is horrible, it’s like you have to throw up 24/7!

            This is still an issue that I am dealing with day by day! I found that there are so many natural ways to deal with this issue. I really didn’t want the pills that doctors just want to throw your way when they say you have a problem! So I thought I would share this with you all in case this is something that you are dealing with! The best thing in my personal experience is exercise, as long as, you do a simple 20-30 minutes a day it can help relieve anxiety. It makes me feel so amazing! Another hidden tip I found out was anxiety is triggered by low blood sugar, so eating the right way and the right things! Your diet matters! So eat right! The last thing that really helps me is learning how to meditate, I started breathing exercises, as well as, yoga and it is amazing! You really want to find anything that can just make your calm. I am in no way a professional and am still learning about my anxiety everyday! Just know that this does not have to define you, and you are greater than it. It’s a day-by-day struggle but you can get through it! Just have faith and oh yeah…DON’T WORRY! 🙂 


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  1. Stephen Curtis says:

    My life was in an identical scenario some time ago also. Several months ago I started having serious nightmares, the kind where I would all of a sudden wake up discovering my hair drenched in sweat.

    Crazily my nightmare would almost always be the same: I’d be in my car when suddenly smoke would engulf me. I’d then wake up panting and horrified, too terrified to try sleeping again.

    It sounds ridiculous now, but back in those days I trembled at the thought of sleep. I would try the craziest sleep schedules to avoid dreams, but I always would lose the fight against the urge to sleep.

    Anyways one day I decided to browsing StumbleUpon in search of possible therapies when I found the concept of lucid dreams. I discovered many online “courses” with tons methods for lucid dreaming and lucid waking. Yet, after trying these techniques for just under three months I still had no authority over my nightmares. I finally came upon an online blog on one course: http://www.reviewspanel.com/lucid-dreaming-fast-track/ – and as a result of my annoyance purchased it. Doing so was an amazing choice… After around three weeks I observed strong control over my nightmares. My experience makes me think that it is owed to the solid breakdown in the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track method.

    In any case, that’s my experience.

    1. amandaklaboy says:

      Thanks so much I really appreciate hearing others comments ! It’s an issue so many of us deal with!

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