Climb those stairs GIRL!

Climb those stair GIRL!

Okay so I am realizing that the whole lazy potato on the couch isn’t really working out! I have come to the realization that I am just not one of those girls who are extra skinny and can eat everything but the kitchen sink & STILL stay skinny. I actually have to work at it. My weight has been an issue my entire life, It really began after High school. I was really athletic! I was a cheerleader, and play softball so I was working out serious everyday! Then came college….that freshman 15 is a true curse! But I need to realize that this body is all I have and changing my lifestyle to create the best body possible is so worth it.
So I realize that everything can not change in a day, but making smaller changes is going to help my overall feel and confidence. The truth is every girl has insecurities and will always throughout her life, they do not just go away. BUT if we can work towards feeling beautiful and confident why not?
So!! I am taking baby steps to a better me I stopped taking elevators (YES!) and started using them stairs, this small change makes such a difference in those legs and booty girl! And I stopped drinking soda, this deliciousness is terrible for you but just by stopping sugary drinks you can easily shed simple pounds. I also have a goal to workout at least 30 mins a day! I recently got Zumba on my Xbox connect WHATTT! So I will be dancing these pounds away! It’s just the beginning of this long journey but it’s worth it and I hope you guys will take this challenge with me!


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