I am my BFF!

So recently its been so hard for me to adjust on to living alone in a new city away from my family! My whole life friends have come and gone, and for the most part I can’t remember a true ‘friend’ that has been there for me. Of course besides my mother!! But growing up I feel that as young girls we need that friend to talk to and just release all the stress that builds up in your mind. I’ve been a loner and that is what I am used to, not to say that I am not out going and do not make friends but a lot of times I’ve found that my goal and morals in life differentiate with that of most college students. My friday night is a glass of wine, candles, and a relaxing bubble bath rather then a frat party. What can I say!! lol I have also been understanding that in time I will find someone that I can be a great friend to who appreciates all my interests and passions and shares them with me. I know that I was created for greatness, with integrity and motivation to move mountains. I’ve also realized that at the end of the day the only person who will be there is yourself. You need to depend and rely on YOU! and only worry about YOU! You can do anything that you put your mind to, and although it’s great to share your moments of highness and weakness with someone (other then your mother which I LOVE) that time will come. So in saying all this chattiness… be who you are and never change for anyone or anything. A person should love you and what you spend time with you because you are YOU. You are beautiful & you are all strong. You can conquer the world one day at a time! Love you, Love me, Love us…


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